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The Inca Tern’s Treasure Maps project is a collaboration between the Inca Tern birds of Artis, Amsterdam Royal Zoo, and Atelier Mats.

The Inca Terns are beautiful birds, but they poop everywhere in their birdhouse and as a visitor of Artis you have to watch out not to get dirty. This is so defining for these birds that Atelier Mats just had to create a project out of this. Especially because there is an historic value attached tot heir poop (guano). Wars have been fought to gain the rights to harvest the guano as valuable manure causing the habitat of the Inca Terns to diminish. We let the Inca Terns in Artis show their homes by making prints with their valuable poop.

The Inca Terns poop a lot. By placing a template over a print the droppings only fall through the template on the print. Atelier Mats starts the print and the Inca Tern birds finishes them.


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