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When we would approach our environment with our imagination we would find an unlimited amount of new possibilities. To illustrate this I unleashed my imagination upon a stereotypical cabinet. Each of the following cabinets are products of my imagination and show that the cabinet could be so much more than just the cabinet our ratio knows of. Normally when we see a cabinet we define it as such. We know what it is and what it is for. This makes us blind for all the potential and beauty of the object itself. When we approach the same cabinet with our imagination we do not define it, we reveal the unlimited array of possibilities and beauty.


Cum Laude graduation project



first photo Rene van der Hulst

portrait photos Sam van Grinsven


AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsRenevanderHulst1 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven1 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven2 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven3 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven4 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven13 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven5 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven6 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven7 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven8 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven9 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven12 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven09 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven14 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven10 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven11 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven17 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven18 AtelierMatsImaginarycabinetsSamvanGrinsven15

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