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The biotech company Genmab commissioned Mats Horbach and Anne Ligtenberg to create a gift for all its employees. Genmab develops cancer therapeutics using antibodies. Their Duobody Platform combines two different antibodies to create a DuoBody molecule that targets cancer cells.

For this project Mats and Anne researched every aspect of the company, the product, the employees and the work environment. They interviewed employees from different layers within the company. It did not matter where they were on the planet or where they worked within the company. They all described Genmab in the same way. They all understand that they are a vital link in the chain that develops the therapeutic that could help cancer patients. The DuoBody molecule is a metaphor for the culture within the company, different elements that achieve great things when they work as one.

The Beacon is inspired on the mini-bioreactor that produces small amounts of medicine. It is a little factory that in small works on great ideas, like Genmab. With a bi-specific key, based on the DuoBody platform, the Beacon is winded to create light. The Beacon is accompanied with a book in which Mats and Anne bundled their research and gave an insight in the teamwork that was needed to create this gift. Another emphasise on the strong sense of teamwork within Genmab.



Sam van Grinsven


Commisioned by Genmab BV

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